December to Remember

Wow! December has been such a busy month! I can’t believe it’s almost half way over. Although it’s been going by fast I feel like it’s been productive. I’ve gotten a lot of things accomplished! A few highlights:

Name Change! I am officially Alyson Drew Costner. My driver’s license proves it! (And it’s a Tennessee license, to match my new Tennessee license plates…that’s right, officially a Tennessean!) However, I still have to get my new social security card and passport. But I need to wait until after our honeymoon so I can take my passport with me. Speaking of that…

Honeymoon! Our honeymoon is booked! We are taking a 4 night cruise to the Bahamas. We’re flying down to Ft Lauderdale the day before and staying the night with some family friends (the Kennedy’s for those of you who know them). They’re going to help us get to the cruise ship the next day and to the airport when we get back. We’re so excited for warmer weather!

Baking! I have been baking like a mad woman. All sorts of muffins and cakes have been coming out of the oven. And tomorrow it’s red velvet cake and mini cupcakes. I think I’m also going to make cupcakes for the ladies I eat lunch with everyday. They always exchange small gifts for Christmas and I thought about getting them a cup-a-cakes and putting one of my famous gourmet cupcakes inside! Or at least one of my made with lots of love and care cupcakes. :) This picture is of the well I made for the pumpkin chocolate chip muffins. The ‘well’ is one of the reasons I make muffins. Weird I know…

Cards! I am finally caught up on all of our wedding and Christmas present thank you cards. Now it’s time to address and send the Christmas cards. I got some sweet encouragement from a lady at church tonight so I’m motivated to finish that project tomorrow morning. Plus, Matt has promised to help and two is always better than one!

Finally…Tree! We got a pre-lit tree at Costco and it’s been up and decorated for a week! I had to make sure I spread out my ornaments evenly so there were not too many blank spots. Even though I left the whole back side blank, the front still looks sparse. Oh well, I figure we will add to it every year so it will get more and more. See what I mean?

What’s been keeping you all busy this month?


2 Responses to "December to Remember"

Jill said... December 13, 2008 at 10:14 AM

I love your tree! I think it needs a little brunette angel on top:) So glad you have having fun.

Emily said... December 21, 2008 at 11:26 AM

So was your maiden name Drew? I am Emily Drew...Tim Drew's wife. Tim and Matt were friends at Campbell.

Your tree is beautiful!