M2M Scavenger Hunt

I have recently started reading Lisa's blog, A Preacher's Wife. I love the way she encourages all of those, 'married to the ministry'. Currently she is doing this little scavenger hunt to help pastor's wives get to know each other. I thought I would join in on the fun! Check out her blog to learn more about this fun activity. Happy hunting!

1. First Name- Alyson

2. State and Country of Residence- Music City, USA (Also known as Nashville, TN)

3. Husband’s Ministry Title- Senior Pastor

4. Length of time in Current Ministry Location- Right at 1 year

5. Children? Not yet! We haven't quite been married a year.

6. Number of unique homes in which you’ve lived during your marriage. Two homes already. At this rate, I should be a moving pro in no time! :)

7. Cook Sunday lunch or eat out? Eat out! Why make Sunday any different than any other day?

8. Typically on time for Sunday School or not? I go to the young adult class so we always start late which means I am always on time.

9. Favorite TV Show. I LOVE TV! Grey's Anatomy, The Office, The Hills, Top Chef, Project Runway, Flipping Out, ALL the Real Housewives, etc. etc.

10. Something you watch/like/do that you would never tell the church people. I absolutely love Marshall Bruce Mathers III aka Eminem aka Slim Shady.

11. Most annoying church-related pet peeve. I think this relates to life in general, not just church, but when people will talk to everyone but the person they are having an issue with.

12. One thing you need to throw away but can’t bring yourself to do it. A project I did on Hamlet my senior year of high school.

13. The one food you can not live without. All things chocolate.

14. Parsonage or have your own home? We have our own home.

15. Freak when the doorbell rings or always ready for a visitor? I love having a clean, organized house. So...always ready!