The Truth About You

Check out this review I wrote of "The Truth About You" by Marcus Buckingham for Thomas Nelson. I finally did it!

With the title "The Truth About You" I expected this book to provide a clear-cut answer to the question “who am I?” Instead it guided me on a journey that ended with ME providing all the answers to that question. Before I continue, I have to say this book isn't just a feel-good-about-yourself read; interaction is required. Actually, “book” is the wrong word - it’s more like a toolkit that includes an interactive book, a DVD to get you motivated, and a note pad to help reveal your strengths.

Marcus Buckingham takes no time making his most important point, you know you best. He cleverly redefines 'self-discovery' by looking in detail at five rules to live by. For instance, Buckingham explains why so many people are unhappy in their work. He explains the difference between abilities and strengths. He gives examples of how weaknesses can even be things in which we excel.

What I appreciated most about this 'toolkit' was that Buckingham didn't sugar coat the advice he gave. He highlighted and emphasized individuality. He encouraged me to own up to my weaknesses and not try to change them.

I am in the process of creating a lesson plan using this kit in my classroom. I teach mostly Juniors and Seniors in an urban high school. I believe completing the activities Buckingham has provided will give them great insight into what gives them strength.

I also think this would be a great gift for motivated graduates at any level. Like I said in the beginning, you can't just read this book and expect an epiphany to occur. It requires action.
Have you read this book? Do you know what your strengths and weaknesses are?

Playing Ketchup

I am no longer looking at the light at the end of the tunnel; I am officially through the tunnel! As of this past weekend, Matt and I are done with all of our wedding stuff. Aside from putting everything away and writing the rest of our thank you notes. :) I’m hoping now that things are settling down I can be a little more consistent with updating my blog. I feel like there are a lot of really cool things going on right now! I thought it would be easiest to just make a list:

1) I know, I know I have to write my review for “The Truth About You”. I’m working on it. I PROMISE it will be up by this time next week.

2) This week I started attending a women’s community group. My friend, Jessica, invited me to join and I’m so glad! I have been praying for a group of women I can live life with here in Nashville. I am praising the Lord for answering this prayer! We are reading Prayer: Does It Make Any Difference? By Phillip Yancy. I am really enjoying this book! More it later...

3) I feel like I’m kicking this year off with a lot of reading. I got a ‘read the Bible in a year’ Bible (yes, that is the technical term for it) and I’m going to try to read through the scriptures this year. Who else is doing this/has done this in the past? I would love to hear about your successes and challenges!

4) I am SO excited about the Lifeway conference for Ministers' wives! You can read more about it here. The rest of you who are married to a minister should really consider joining me at the conference. It’s going to be amazing!

Whew. That’s enough for today. Now I see why I should just blog more often. I’ll finish my list of updates later this week!