Week 17-22 (In no particular order)

Week 22- Matt's parents and grandparents came into town for a quick weekend visit. We took them to Famous Dave's for the giant trash can lid full of food. :) We always have a wonderful time when they come to visit and this was no exception!

Week 22 Bonus! We broke out the Mexican train dominoes while everyone was here visiting. Matt and I have been obsessed with the game since. We've played three games just the two of us. Unfortunately he's up 2 to 1. :(

Week 20- We went to North Carolina for a quick weekend. Matt was preaching at a church in his hometown. It was nice to get out of town even just for a day or so. One of my favorite things about going to NC this time of year is getting to see Joey and Patsy's garden! We ate fresh strawberries right out of the patch! I love just walking around and looking at all of the fruits and veggies they are growing.

Week 21- Matt turned 31 this week! Patsy made him his favorite cake and we had a wonderful celebration at home. We had homemade chicken tacos and Matt picked up chips and salsa from Chuy's, our favorite! It's was a great birthday party! :) Happy birthday Matthew!!!

Week 19- It's been a couple of weeks since the flood but relief efforts haven't slowed down a bit. This week we had a pallet of water and a truck load of food donated for our church to distribute to flood victims. Our garage quickly filled up with supplies and it was great to see it dwindle as we were able to pass it on to people in need.

Week 18- Matt and I were shopping at Trader Joe's and they had fresh pizza dough on sale for only a dollar! We bought one pack of the whole wheat to give a try. It was great because there was enough dough for us to both make our own pizza! They both turned out delicious and we can't wait to try it again!

Week 17- This weekend Nashville experienced one of the worst floods in it's history. Neighborhoods all over the city were totally devastated. Matt and I had to evacuate our house on Sunday night and when we were able to go back on Monday morning this is what we came home to. It was surreal to see our house surrounded by water. Thankfully the water only came into the garage and we did not sustain any damage. We feel so thankful and so blessed.

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2 Responses to "Week 17-22 (In no particular order)"

patsy said... June 9, 2010 at 7:22 PM

Your pics are great. We love to come and visit. I get to try great restaurants. YEAH. Don't get me wrong i love Snack Shop, Quick Snack, and Italian Garden but not exactly the same. A girl likes finer dining "sometimes." You forgot to put in the pics of the wonderful tacos you make. I am going to try my hand at them one more time.

Christie said... June 17, 2010 at 9:36 AM

Alyson, Mexican Train is one of my favorite games. When you are in NC call so I can come up and play. Love ya! Christie